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  • Send Me St. Louis: Go & See Virtual Tour Highlights Transformational Ministry Models January 28, 2021
    At Send Me St. Louis, we work with local churches and organizations to assist in the development of healthy, stronger community engagement at all stages. Whether it is being a sounding board for those wanting to launch something new, or brainstorming how to improve the impact of current programming, Send Me truly desires to walk […]
  • Lutheran Church Community Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis January 12, 2021
    In March 2020, quite unexpectedly, our city (and world) shut down due to Covid-19. With so many people suffering mentally, physically, and financially, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis offered “Crisis Response” grants to help Lutheran churches respond to the needs and opportunities caused by the pandemic. With this assistance (along with member donations and other […]
  • Pathfinder Church & All Nations Church: Prosper the City 2020 November 11, 2020
    What is Prosper the City? Prosper the City is a four-week community service intensive first implemented by All Nations Church four years ago. Participants are divided into small teams and led through a process to identify, develop, and carry out a unique service project within a four-week period. In 2019, after hearing about the impact […]
  • Faith Lutheran Church, Oakville – Life Groups Respond to COVID-19 May 29, 2020
    Last September, Send Me shared how Faith Lutheran Church – Oakville raises up Life Groups to be their missional force in the community (click here to learn more). With challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, there are many new opportunities to serve and engage. For each group, Faith pre-approved $500 of “Life Group Mission […]
  • Faith Lutheran Church, Oakville – Life Groups On Mission September 25, 2019
    *Responses by Katie Bixler, Life Group Coordinator What are Life Groups and how do they fit into the greater mission of Faith Lutheran Church? A Life Group is a group of people striving to live out the Gospel together. These are the people who care about you, your family, your dreams, life’s disappointments, and all […]
  • R3 Development: Listening Leads to Learning June 10, 2019
    When it comes to healthy community engagement, one of the most important tools for making sure you are truly serving people well is listening. This looks like immersing yourself in the community and observing and listening to their needs, hopes, and dreams. How are people struggling? How can you walk alongside them to help change […]