Volunteer Management Resources

Welcome to the resource page for Volunteer Management. 

Below is a brief description of each area Send Me sees as critical for healthy volunteer management, why it matters, and select resources to help you go deeper. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Culture of Volunteerism

Churches and faith-based organizations have the opportunity to help their people, members and/or volunteers, see how their gifts align with their mission and vision. Core to this preferred reality is a church/organizational culture that embraces and promotes the idea that each person has value and has been uniquely gifted to engage and serve; i.e. priesthood of all believers.

Volunteer Management Best Practices

Impactful churches and organizations are aware of and seek to implement volunteer management best practices – e.g. multiple entry points and thresholds for service (episodic vs. ongoing), internal and external service opportunities (more church focused), reflection, recognition, position descriptions, background checks, training, and supervision/accountability. 

Leadership Development

Leadership matters and the ability to easily raise up new leaders defines a “high-performing” church or organization. 

Faith Incorporation

Churches and faith-based organizations have the unique opportunity to not only provide meaningful volunteer experiences, but also help people see how their service connects with and flows from their faith. Every chance to serve is an opportunity for a volunteer to live out the call God has placed on their life.