Faith Lutheran Church, Oakville – Life Groups Respond to COVID-19

May 29, 2020 / General Ministry

Last September, Send Me shared how Faith Lutheran Church – Oakville raises up Life Groups to be their missional force in the community (click here to learn more). With challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, there are many new opportunities to serve and engage. For each group, Faith pre-approved $500 of “Life Group Mission Funds” to identify and assist with community needs. So far, their Life Groups have completed more than 41 projects and provided people with over $15,000 dollars worth of unexpected blessings.

Here is a glimpse of  Life Group impact during COVID-19:

Additional Impact & Blessing:

  • Thank yous for health care professionals
  • Utility assistance
  • Support for unemployed teachers 
  • Donations to local food pantries: St. Trinity, St. Anthony’s, Feed My People, St. Paul’s, Hope Christian Church, and Human Support Services of Randolph County
  • Virtual support efforts for Foster Care Coalition 
  • Groceries or grocery gift cards for families 
  • Gift cards for Bethesda nurses and unemployed workers in the community
  • Diapers supplied to Nurses for Newborns
  • Support for struggling small business owners
  • Prayers and gift baskets for neighbors in need
  • Following the Life Group model, $100 provided to each of Lutheran High School South’s 36 student “small groups” to help with community needs
*Article Adapted from Faith Lutheran Church’s May Newsletter