Send Me Saturday 2014

April 9, 2015 / Home-Improvement Ministry

On Saturday, October 27th, 2014, we invited the community to Love God and serve others by coming together with their families, friends, churches and charities.

150 volunteers chose to act on that invitation. Because of their gifts of time and talent:

  • A new family can move into a safe apartment and begin rebuilding lives free of domestic violence.
  • People experiencing homelessness have a clean, welcoming space to eat warm meals and gain access to vital services.
  • 1600 blind persons will have Braille scripture calendars to encourage them & help them maintain their independence.
  • Senior residents have safe surroundings and peace of mind in their own homes.
  • Residents at two assisted living facilities had care, company, and fall-themed fun with their friends and families.
  • New Americans have a warm, welcoming space to learn and grow with their children and friends.
  • A new center for urban ministry and service is one step closer to reality.

We owe a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible – those who served, prayed, invited, promoted, shared, and supported us along the way. We thank God for pulling together the perfect people for each project. Send Me Saturday servants and leaders poured their herts into their work, and people sat up and took notice. We’ve had glowing reports from all Send Me Saturday project sites!

Here are some comments:

“Those were the best volunteers we’ve ever had!”
Laura Moore, Volunteer Coordinator at Lydia’s House

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without Send Me Saturday volunteers…They’ve helped us keep this place running, and they keep coming back!”
Al Buckman, Christian Friends of New Americans

“I wasn’t sure we’d get through the first project. But those Send Me Saturday volunteers had both of our projects wrapped up by lunch. It was amazing!”
Rev. Dave Andrus, Lutheran Blind Mission

“There were two children in the neighborhood watching us work. By the end of the day, both had joined in to help us – and we went over to work on the neighbor’s yard, too!”
Ann Vazquez, volunteer, Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

We know it can be easy to forget the amazing things happening around us, or take for granted the work God is doing in and through our churches, agencies, and communities. Please join us in celebrating the great work God is doing around us, and thank the people in your church/organization who help make that work possible!