Ready to Welcome, Ready to Engage

Julie Darnold

Ready to Welcome, Ready to Engage

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
9:00am - 11:00am

Ascension Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall (5347 Donovan Ave., St. Louis, MO 63109)


Regardless of your ministry context, crossing cultures is most likely a key aspect of your work.  Often, you either are hoping a new group of people (with a unique culture) will engage with your ministry or you are reaching out intentionally to a culture less familiar to you.

  • How do you become ready to welcome those different than you?
  • How do you prepare to enter into a culture with which you have limited experience?

Join this workshop to hear from two local ministry leaders who have experience preparing and leading their organizations to cross cultures with success.

Training Focus:






Featured Presenters:

Kristin Woods 
New American Families Facilitator
Word of Life Lutheran School

Kristin’ primary responsibility is to help the school and its immigrant families connect well with each other. She provides the support those families need to succeed in a school environment that can be vastly different from their country of origin. Kristin has always had a passion for connecting with and lifting others up – accomplishing this through more traditional social work in a child advocacy center, as well as having been part of the founding team of a home for pregnant, homeless teens. Kristin and her family moved into South City St. Louis as part of a team reaching out to and serving the immigrant and refugee community there. She spent years doing outreach, teaching ESL classes, and helping and supporting her foreign-born neighbors. Now, she enjoys using those same skills and passions at Word of Life, as well as caring for missionaries who are working to connect with some of the same populations she works with in their home countries.



Devin Tressler 
Partnering Church Catalyst
cru Church Movements

Devin has worked in cross-cultural missions domestically for 15 years. His focus is helping Christians build friendships with Muslim neighbors, especially refugees. He studied at Covenant Theological Seminary and enjoys studying languages, learning new cuisines, and gardening.