Equipping & Managing Volunteers

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Tools and Resources

The macro-outcome of equipping ministry in the church, the community, and for individuals, is that they develop holistically as disciples. This is the shift from volunteerism to discipleship. Our job is to make disciples—not volunteers.Church Volunteer Central

We approach volunteer ministry, and management, as a way of making disciples. To that end, we focus our efforts on how to equip churches and  organizations to train, equip and release their servants into ministry. It is not about filling slots –  it’s about helping people to grow and partnering with them in ministry.

Send Me St. Louis offers a variety of tools to meet your congregation or organization’s needs.  We can support you in providing more meaningful serving experiences and more effective social service outreach ministries through trainings, best practices, and coaching.

Use the menu on the left to find helpful tools, links, and resources to assist you in strengthening your volunteer management systems and/or social service outreach ministries.