Concordia Lutheran – Kirkwood: 2nd Annual “Turkey Blessing”

November 29, 2016 / Food Programs

As we all know, the holidays, as wonderful as they are, can often be a difficult time of year for many. The financial burden/pressure of gift-giving and bountiful meals leaves many who are unable to provide feeling anxious and depressed. As Christians, the men of Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood, MO knew they wanted to do SOMETHING to help bring the light of Christ into these dark situations, especially in their own community. So, in 2015, they organized their first ever “Turkey Blessing” – or the giving away of 1,000 boxed turkey dinners, including: a frozen turkey, stuffing mix, green beans, potatoes, and gravy. After a great response from their neighbors, they set out to once again bless families in need this year!

The 2nd Annual “Turkey Blessing” took place November 19-20, 2016. On Saturday, 200+ male volunteers (ranging from 5-80+ years of age) gathered together for worship and service. They began with a time of devotion in the church’s sanctuary, followed by some testimonials. Then, they got to work! In a little over an hour, with all hands on deck, they managed to pack 1,000 Thanksgiving dinner boxes (each to feed approximately 5 people), all to be handed out the following day.

Come late Sunday morning, the men gathered once again, ready for ministry. At around noon, as Kirkwood police directed traffic, one by one, cars began to roll through to pick up their “Turkey Blessing” boxes. With great efficiency, laymen and volunteers were able to serve 15 cars at a time, and warm greetings, friendly banter, and the offer of prayer made this program about more than just charity. The hope was that recipients wouldn’t feel stressed or judged, but that they would encounter the love of Jesus, and, if even for a few minutes, feel truly cared for. In just 3 hours, ALL 1,000 boxes were given away! AND, Concordia didn’t want anyone to leave empty handed, so to those who made it after they ran out, some grocery gift cards were given.

Overall, the church’s goal of a modern day “feeding of the 5,000” was a SUCCESS and they plan to carry on the tradition for years to come! What a neat way to come together for the sake of the Kingdom during the holiday season!

To see a video recapping the event, click here!


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