Christ Memorial Lutheran Church-Affton, MO

March 17, 2015 / Family & Youth Ministry

By Kristi Eberley, member at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church

“In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins” 1 John 4:10

Following Christ Memorial’s belief that we are Loved by God and Sent by God into the world, Christ Christ Memorial Logo
Memorial Lutheran Church
in South St. Louis County has reached out to Humanitri, a local Lutheran organization that helps move families and individuals from crisis and uncertainty to stability and self-sufficiency. Over the past few years, Christ Memorial has made a habit of following God’s call into new territory and sharing God’s Word with these families. Part of our involvement has been to adopt a
Christ Memorial & Humanitri picfamily that has been accepted into the 24 month Transitional Housing Program. We have helped with yard work and house repairs as needed. Small Bible study groups from the church have also provided families with Christmas gifts, stockings and a Christmas tree. Other groups have participated in a Mother’s Day Brunch for all mothers in the Transitional Housing Program. Christ Memorial also provided over 60 volunteers of all ages to help pack and move the Humanitri staff to a new office.

Humanitri LogoAs a congregation, we have developed the practice of looking for opportunities to serve Humanitri in ways that align with our gifts, passions, and skills. This gives Christ Memorial members a way to get involved no matter our age. As part of the Loved/Sent belief, God has also used our service to shape the congregation. As involvement in the community has deepened, our congregation has begun to see the need for addressing both the immediate needs, and root causes, of poverty and other social ills. As we move forward to continue our support of Humanitri, we will continue to ask how we can respond to the Gospel and SERVE BOLDLY in our community, even when it means entering challenging situations and stepping outside of our comfort zone. Visit to find a way that YOU can get involved, too!