Listen Well.

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Serving your community isn’t the point. The point is a life transformed by God’s extravagant love and grace.  While serving your community isn’t the point, we serve a God who uses it to shape and mold us more into the image of Christ.

The Domino Effect of Setting Goals for Volunteer Involvement

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What a great article from Energize! Inc. – Susan J. Ellis shares an enlightening perspective on volunteer engagement (or the lack there of). During workshops and consultations, I commonly ask a deceptively simple question: What are your goals for volunteer engagement? All too often organizations answer with how many they …

3 Ways We See God Moving in St. Louis

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It’s our privilege to work alongside churches and agencies throughout the St. Louis region – to hear their stories and, each month, to share some of them. Through people like you, new Americans learn to read, people are given safe shelter in the arms of God’s people, families are helped …

St. John’s Lutheran Church – Arnold

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Empowering and Celebrating Disciples’ Service In the past year, St. John Lutheran Church in Arnold, MO has seen more than 400 unique volunteers commit countless hours to service opportunities through St. John’s ministry programs. On June 23rd, those 400 volunteers and their loved ones are in for a treat. On …

3 Ideas that Inspired Us

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Here at Send Me St. Louis, we have the unique opportunity to hear from local, regional, and national leaders about how they make deep, lasting connections happen in their respective areas.  As our kids head back to school and start refreshing their lessons from last year, we thought it would …