3 Ways We See God Moving in St. Louis

Matt Miller Inspiration

It’s our privilege to work alongside churches and agencies throughout the St. Louis region – to hear their stories and, each month, to share some of them.

Through people like you, new Americans learn to read, people are given safe shelter in the arms of God’s people, families are helped on the ladder to success…and so much more. Truly amazing things are happening around our region every day!

As God moves and people respond, we have the unique opportunity to see those movements from a different perspective. And we’ve noticed a few common factors in the communities who are moving forward:

Leaders who invest in themselves/their people.
When a vision starts spreading through a congregation or community, it moves like wildfire. But like any fire, it needs resources in order to keep ablaze – otherwise, it will burn out. Leaders who are constantly sharing knowledge and opportunities with their teams -whether clergy or lay, paid or volunteers – fan the flames of the change taking place.

By making introductions and replicating their connections throughout their team, these leaders increase the effectiveness of others around them. Finally, leaders who invest in themselves and their team by carving out time to listen and learn keep the fire going by bringing new perspectives to their work.

Listening to the community
As the look and feel of social service outreach ministries continues to change, listening to our neighbors has become ever more crucial to our efforts. Increasingly, churches and people of faith around the country are moving toward neighborhood-based small groups and one-on-one discipleship and service. In order to be good neighbors and provide impactful services, we must spend time cultivating deep relationships with the people God places in our midst.

Focus on Assets and Lay leadership
No one can do it all! Directors, pastors, founders – none can succeed without a team. Many of the stories of transformation we hear start with non-clergy and non-staff leadership…and ALL of them grow thanks to lay/volunteer leaders! Coupling lay workers with the assets (link) of a church/organization and giving them the room and resources to create a ministry can have remarkable results.

As we look to the months ahead, we’re excited to see where God will move next. We’d love to learn about where God is moving with you! If you’d like to have a conversation about resources available to your ministry, identifying the needs in your community, developing leadership or asset mapping, please contact us!