Frequently Asked Questions

What is Send Me St. Louis’ statement of faith?
Send Me St. Louis aligns our beliefs with those of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Does Send Me charge for its services?
Thanks to a generous grant from Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, many of our services are free of charge. When there is a charge, it is to help offset costs such as food and supplies. Any charges associated with a service, training, or event will be clearly identified.

Does Send Me offer financial support to congregations?
Send Me is not a grant-making organization. If your congregation is seeking funding to support its volunteer management efforts and/or social service outreach ministry activities, please contact Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis to explore potential funding opportunities.

 What is social service outreach ministry?
Many congregations use the term social/mercy ministry to mean the same thing as social service. Either term refers to meeting the physical, social, and emotional needs of people. When the word outreach is attached, we are talking about meeting those needs in the lives of people in our community who may or may not be directly connected to the congregation. It is a response to Jesus’ command to love our neighbor.